Friday, April 27, 2007

Any good ideas?

Hello All,
Any ideas or successful strategies out there for teaching or learning English in/out of the classroom? Please share any tips and/or success stories you may have for learning or teaching English. If there are any difficulties you have or know of that you'd like to share please post them too for discussion!

I hope the weather is better in Dakar than it is here today - overcast and a bit chilly in the DC area.


KAT said...

Hi... just thinking aloud here: it'd be a good idea to include some links (in the sidebar of this blog) to help people learn more about Senegal. I'd start with Wikipedia's entry on Senegal, since it's quite comprehensive.

I'll keep my eyes open for other useful links!

Karen (KAT) Taylor

adama said...

Greetings from sénégal,from ATES and from our learners.
A first step through these lines to make sure the accesss is effective.
i'm sending the message to a maximum of people for opening a forum for mutual understanding,sharing ,two stronglinks in education

WATESOL - Partnership Blog Administrator said...

Thanks for the suggestion - great idea! (A link to the wiki site has been added under the useful links menu.)

marthagail49 said...

Hope all is well for all of our Senegal Ates and WATESOL people as we finish the school year. WATESOL is having our chaneover meeting for our incoming and out-going Board members on Monday, June 25th. Our Fall Conference is October 13th and we hope to invite one of our ATES partners again to participate. Have a good summer to all and please encourage members to log in and comment.

Moussa said...

Greetings from Dakar, Senegal.We are back to school and the ATES calendar in unfolding again with the organization of the National English Clubs' festival scheduled for December 15 in the mythical and inpirational island of Goree.The 11 best English clubs that won the contest at the Regional festivals will be competing for the National trophy in a seies of poems, songs and sketches.ATES will be holding its genral assembly the same day, just before the festival.Lots of fun. Come one ,come all

Moussa said...

ATES congratulations
Warmest congratulations to our WATESOL friends.According to the ATES representative to the Fall Conference, WATESOL hit another success event.Big hugs to all our friends and thank you all for inviting ATES to attend.